2011 Reserve To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L


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The silhouette of a person looking at a wine glass.

91% Cabernet Sauvignon
7% Cabernet Franc
2% Petit Verdot

The silhouette of a person sniffing a wine glass.

Dark Plum
Black Cherry

The silhouette of a person drinking from a wine glass.

Sweet Oak
Vanilla Bean
Toasted Almonds

Pairs well with

Ribeye with wild mushrooms and vegetable tarts

Looking down the rows of vines of the To Kalon Vineyard. The leaves have turned golden as cooler weather approaches.

This is the fifth vintage of our To Kalon Vineyard-designated Reserve. When Robert Mondavi chose the To Kalon Vineyard in west Oakville as the home for his new winery in 1966 he remarked that, "It was a vineyard with a distinguished history and a magical nature. Ideal soils, sunlight, and rain to my eye, the vineyard was a treasure." Those sentiments were re-confirmed when the To Kalon Vineyard was named the Vineyard of the Year by the California State Farm Bureau in 2011. Our Reserve is blended from the finest blocks within To Kalon.