Our Merchandise

In a season full of fun and festivities, it's essential to remember to slow down and make time for yourself. Our collection of uniquely handcrafted items - including Le Creuset foil cutters, logo-embellished hats, wine totes, premium corkscrews, and so much more - provide the perfect backdrop for leisure and tranquility.

Wine Butler

Wine Butler


Corkscrew Ah-So Germany

Ah-So Corkscrew


Corkscrew Donatello in Dark Box

Donatello Corkscrew with Wood Box


White Candle Cork Lavender Sage (Full Size)

Lavender Sage Oakville Candle


Black Candle Cork French Oak (Full Size)

French Oak Reserve Candle


Foil Cutter Le Creuset

Le Creuset Foil Cutter


Candle Travel Lavender Sage

Lavender Sage Candle in Travel Tin


Travel Size Black Candle French Oak

French Oak Candle in Travel Tin


Aerator 7-in-1 with Black Box

Aerator 7-in-1 with Black Box


Hat 3D Embroidery Arch

3D Embroidered Arch Hat


Graf Lantz Single Bottle Wine Tote

Graf Lantz Single Bottle Wine Tote


Houndstooth RMW 50x60" Navy Blue/Tan Blanket

Houndstooth Blanket